2018 charities

In 2018, Her Stories will be raising money for charities that provide effective services and support for women who have been trafficked or sought asylum or refuge in the United Kingdom.

Maternity Action Logo.jpg

Maternity action

Maternity Action is the UK's leading charity committed to ending inequality and improving the health and well-being of pregnant women, partners and young children - from conception through to the child's early years. 

Maternity Action offers free, expert advice on maternity rights for pregnant women and new mothers, and to migrant women having difficulties accessing maternity care through the NHS. 

Maternity Action also provides advice and training to health professionals, advisers, community workers and volunteers supporting vulnerable migrant women during pregnancy and their child's first year.  

Ella's Home Logo.jpg

ella's home

Ella's Home believes that people exploited by the injustice of human trafficking and sexual exploitation deserve every opportunity to recover and restore their lives. 

Ella's Home works with women exiting trafficking and exploitation. They have a lovely, welcoming home for women recovering from trafficking and sexual exploitation where women can live until they are ready for independent living. 

Ella's offers outreach support to women across London and beyond as they work past their previous experience. They offer long term support and bespoke support to fit each individual. 

Women for Refugee Women Logo.jpg

women for refugee women

Women for Refugee Women supports women who have come to the UK seeking asylum and challenges the injustices they face.

Every Monday, over 100 women come to our offices in London for a warm welcome, English lessons, immigration advice, lunch, yoga and to build new friendships.  Most of them have experienced rape or sexual violence, some have been trafficked to this country and some have fled vicious conflicts. We enable these women, who are so often unseen and unheard, to build their confidence and communication skills in order to tell their own stories.

We also publish research and work with policy makers in order to try to build a fairer asylum process in the UK. In particular, we are campaigning against detention and destitution within the asylum process because we believe that every woman who crosses borders in search of safety deserves a fair hearing and a chance to rebuild her life with dignity.