Her Stories is grateful to the artists who donate works to the annual auction and participate in our events each year, raising vital funds for charity. The roster of artists is carefully curated to celebrate the most exciting artists practicing today.


Her Stories has been fortunate enough to work with the following visual artists, who generously donated works to the her stories auctions, helping to raise over £100k for charity:


Alicia Reyes Mcnamara

Athena Papadopalous

Bea Bonafini

Caroline Coon

Caroline Walker

Caterina Silva

Celia Hempton

Chantal Joffe

Eloise Hawser

Emilie Pugh

Florence Peake

Gabriele Beveridge

Hannah Perry

Helen Cammock

Jala Wahid

Joanna Piotrowska

Julie Verhoeven

Juno Calypso

Kate McMillan

Kate Newby


Maise Cousins

Marianne Spurr

Marie Jacotey

Mary Ramsden

May Hands

Mitoko Ishibashi

Molly Palmer

Olivia Norris

Phoebe Collings-James

Polly Morgan

Poppy Jackson

Rafaela de Ascanio

Rebecca Ackroyd

Rebecca Naen

Roxman Gatt

Zadie X

Zoe Bedeaux