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Her Stories is an annual art auction and appeal to raise money for disadvantaged women in the UK.

Her Stories is powered by the most exciting female and non-binary artists and creative volunteers to help highlight the need for social change and some of the most pressing issues for women in the UK. 

In 2018, Her Stories is raising money to support women seeking asylum and refuge in the UK and will share their stories in person, in writing and through the power of art.


Get your hands on seriously great art work from seriously cool female artists.
— ES Magazine


For 2018, the Her Stories Committee chose to support women who have experience of an irregular immigration status in the UK because:

Is is harder for women to qualify for refugee status than men

Survivors of sexual/gender-based violence are routinely detained in the UK

1 in 5 women in Yarlswood detention centre have attempted suicide

In 2014, 99 pregnant women were detained unnecessarily at Yarlswood

Vulnerable women face NHS maternity charges of £4,000 — £10,000+

The UK government is pursuing new and aggressive maternity charging

Every year around 2000 women seeking safety in the UK are locked up

2,340 people were referred as victims of trafficking in the UK in 2014

Victims of trafficking typically have only 45 days in shelter to recover

Sources: Women for Refugee Women, Ella's Home & Maternity Action

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Raising money for causes like these seems not only timely but urgent
— ID Magazine


IN 2018, Her Stories will host a series of events to raise money and awareness for the cause and in celebration of women & non-binary artists.  

summer 2018



A drinks reception to mark the opening of the online auction. 

november 8th 

The live exhibition of art works will open at Protein Studios, Shoreditch. There will be a discussion to introduce the charities and some of the issues they address. Tickets available in Summer 2018. 

november 9th 

Her Stories will present a party featuring performances curated by CamperVan, special works by Lotte Andersen and music selected by DJ and record label owner, Cherish Kaya. All at Protein Studios, Shoreditch, from 7pm until late. Tickets available in Summer 2018. 

november 13th 

As the online auction draws to a climax, Her Stories will hold a very special dinner in central London. A selection of the online auction works will transfer to an animated live auction on the night. Guests, including London's leading collectors, gallerists, curators and female icons will be invited in Summer 2018. 



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